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Nurturing people, plants and the planet is at the heart of what we do. We want to help build sustainable societies and cities that thrive in the face of adversity, and we believe the humble composting earthworm is a key player in tackling food waste and sustainable food production.

In the UK we send over 25 million tonnes of food waste to landfill every year, costing the economy (approximately £2.3 billion) and the earth. Food waste emits the powerful green house gases GHG Methane CH4 and Nitrous Oxide N2O that are 21 and 310 times stronger than Carbon Dioxide CO2, escalating the threat of climate change and undermining food security.

At The Urban Worm we see this food waste as a valuable resource waiting to be turned in to 'Black Gold', other wise known as worm castings or worm poop, the finest organic fertiliser known to man. Worm castings contain an abundance of minerals and nutrients essential for healthy plant growth and disease suppression, helping us grow our own without the use of costly synthetic fertilisers.

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We have lovingly developed components to transform wheelie bins into wormeries. It could never be easier to make your own ‘Black Gold’, providing you with a steady supply of the finest liquid fertiliser and compost.



Keeping your worms happy (PDF) Setting up your wormery (PDF)


As a local and global community we can all make a positive change, and it starts with a wheelie bin wormery, let’s get worm composting.

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Prestigious scholarship for Nottingham woman and her passion for earthworms

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Prestigious scholarship for Nottingham woman and her passion for earthworms

'Black Gold' Banking

The time has come to get down to some serious ‘Black Gold’ banking, otherwise known as worm composting. Unifying efforts to produce significant quantities of worm castings is the key to ou...

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'Black Gold' Banking

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Featured testimonial

 I got my worm bin almost a year ago and it has been a fantastic addition to my urban London garden. The outdoor area I have is small but the bin fits neatly in my space. I cannot wait to use the worm poo on my new hanging herb pots! 

Adam, 29